Dam tot Damloop

From 21/09/2024
Until 22/09/2024


Get ready, because the Dam to Dam Run is back! We’re already looking forward to a fantastic atmosphere and a thrilling run through the IJ tunnel (one of the biggest corporate runs in the world) on 21 and 22 September 2022.

With more than 80,000 participants annually, the Dam to Dam Weekend is the biggest sporting weekend in the Netherlands. The weekend includes the following events: the Dam to Dam Run, the Dam run by night, the Dam to Dam Walking Tour and the Dam to Dam Cycling Classic! Ideal for challenging yourself athletically in various sports. Join us, or come and see us on Saturday 16 September in the lively centre of Amsterdam.

A day later, on 17 September, you can explore Amsterdam on your bike during a ride of 40, 60, 85, 105 and 140 km along North Holland towns with 'Dam' in the name. This way, besides seeing Amsterdam, you will also see places such as Zaandam, Schoorldam, Monnickendam and Volendam.

In addition to the Dam to Dam walking tour, there is also the Dam Run by night on Sunday’s programme. Together with all the other runners, you’ll run a distance of 8 km through Zaandam in the dark. Part of the course runs along the traditional course of the 10 English Mile event. Naturally, we will be giving everyone a boost on that weekend with AA Drink Iso-Lemon!

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